For the little girl that will feel confident going into that ballet casting. For the teenager needing reminder of their courage when taking on exams. For the uni graduate ready to apply for her dream job. For the newly wed hoping that this months test is “positive” May you be EMPOWERED, to believe in who you are, to know that you are enough. You’ve got this …. We believe in YOU. This collection is about inspiring SELF LOVE. Send one to someone who needs to be reminded.

When you need to simply say ‘Happy Birthday” or “Congratulations” For the friend having a tough time. For a staff member to praise them for their achievements. For the Mum to say “thank you” Similar to the sentiment of a bunch of flowers, the acknowledgment range is designed to give to loved ones to show that you recognise them. This collection is about inspiring recognition and human connection. Just ACKNOWLEDGE. Imagine a world where everyone knew that they matter.

The ignite range is to promote daily reminders of movement. Go for that job, start that business, pursue that dream. It starts with one step. YOU just have to take it. Then tomorrow, take another. And then another. It’s time to IGNITE something within. Spread your wings and fly.